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    4. About us

      Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China, is a large professional manufacturer with import & export rights specializing in research, manufacture and sales of crushing machinery, and mining equipment.the mainly products included roll mill ,roller grinding mill ,vertical roller mill machine and ball mill,crusher etc!


      zeolite roller mill


      SF flotation equipment
      SF flotation

      Sand Making Machine
      Sand Making M

      Sand washer
      Sand washer

      Reversible Fine Crusher
      Reversible Fi

      Hammer Crusher
      Hammer Crushe

      European version coarse powder mill
      European vers

      Jaw Crusher
      Jaw Crusher

      Cone Crusher
      Cone Crusher

      Ball mill
      Ball mill


      three roller grinding mill for paint

      three roller grinding mill for

      An Interview to the manger of the Clirik zeolite roller mill

      An Interview to the manger of t

      Zeolite Powder Processing Plant & Zeolite Roller Mill

      Zeolite Powder Processing Plant

      micronized mineral zeolite supplier mill machine

      micronized mineral zeolite supp


      Workshop and Maintenance Service Center of Clirik ? special report

      raymond roller mill

      Tel: 0086-21-20236178 / Fax: 0086-21-58974855 / Add: No.19,Fuqing Rd,Shanghai 201201,China / Postcode: 201201 / E-mail: info@clirik.com / Sitemap/ Mapindex 滬ICP備09056488號-10