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      Characteristics of Cement Raymond Mill

      From : clirik ?? Date : 2019-01-26 09:48

      Summary:Modern construction engineering requires more and more construction technology and construction materials. Cement is used in construction engineering in a huge

      Modern construction engineering requires more and more construction technology and construction materials. Cement is used in construction engineering in a huge amount, and its quality level is very important. So, what kind of cement Raymond mill equipment is needed to produce high quality cement?

      On the basis of accumulated production experience for many years, Raymond mill is a new type of ultra-fine powder processing equipment developed by Sweden based on advanced mechanical manufacturing technology and many years of experiments and improvements. The fineness of the finished product is uniform and can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325 and 2500 meshes. The machine also has high output. It is famous for its low energy consumption.

      So, what are the characteristics of the high-quality cement Raymond mill needed in this modern construction project?

      • 1. High output and low energy consumption. Under the same fineness and motor power, the output of SCM Raymond mill is 40% higher than that of air mill and stirring mill, and the energy consumption of the system is only one third of that of air mill.
      • 2. The investment cost is low and the production benefit is high. The machine can ensure high output and low energy consumption, low input cost, high daily output of equipment, short cost recovery cycle and remarkable production benefits.
      • 3. The quality of cement products is superior. The cement product produced by cement Raymond mill has super application performance, because the powder fineness standard is high, it can be adjusted arbitrarily before 325-2500 mesh, the fineness is uniform, the chemical activity of powder is high, the performance of cement prepared has been greatly enhanced, and it is very in line with the requirements of modern construction engineering for high-quality cement.
      • 4. The equipment runs safely and reliably. Because there are no rolling bearings and screw in the grinding chamber when the expert designs the mill, there is no problem of bearing and seal vulnerability, no problem of screw loosening and destroying the machine, which is safe and reliable.
      • 5. Environmental protection and longevity. The equipment of cement Raymond mill is specially equipped with pulse dust collector and muffler, which fully meets the national environmental protection standards. Moreover, the wear-resistant parts of the equipment are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, which greatly prolongs the service life.

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