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      Technology Upgrade of Ore Raymond Mill

      From : clirik ?? Date : 2019-01-26 09:48

      Summary:The new type ore Raymond mill adopts new technology and design method. It is environmentally friendly and economical. It has the following performance advantages

      We know that industrial enterprises have always been the source of environmental pollution, and the discharge of waste water and slag is the main cause of environmental deterioration. Many industrial enterprises have transformed and upgraded to environmental protection production enterprises since the country actively promoted environmental protection policies. Among them, Raymond mill manufacturers are activists in response to the call of the state.

      The new type ore Raymond mill adopts new technology and design method. It is environmentally friendly and economical. It has the following performance advantages:

      • 1. Rotary gear of ore Raymond mill is processed by casting hobbing gear, with wear-resistant liner inside the cylinder body, automatic welding, ultrasonic testing, one-time loading and processing of large professional machine tools and other measures. On-site installation and debugging ensures the accuracy and quality, ensures the safety of the equipment, makes the equipment run smoothly and reliably, reduces the time of shutdown and maintenance. Easy maintenance.
      • 2. Raymond mill uses high quality wear-resistant materials, and the lining can be replaced, there are wear-resistant lining plates in the cylinder, which have good wear resistance. Therefore, the service life of the vulnerable parts of Raymond grinder is prolonged, and the overall service life of the equipment is also increased.
      • 3. Ore Raymond mill can grind both metal ore and non-metal ore, high hardness stone or general hardness stone. It can grind more than 100 minerals, such as ceramics, cement, ore, iron ore, wolframite, wollastonite, celestite and so on. There are many kinds of grinding stone, which are widely used in industry and are deeply loved by users.
      • 4. The Raymond mill uses rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings, and equipments are equipped with dust removal and noise reduction equipment, filtering system, which can control any pollution such as dust and noise within the standard range, reduce noise, dust pollution, save energy and reduce consumption, and protect the environment.
      • 5. The discharging end of ore Raymond mill is equipped with mandatory ore discharging device, and the reheating port is adjustable, the crushing ratio is large, the production capacity is strong, the grinding fineness is effectively precise, and the processing capacity is greatly increased.

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