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      Different applications of Different Fineness Calcite Process

      From : clirik ?? Date : 2013-09-14 11:31

      Calcium carbonate is one that is commonly used in industrial raw materials, after ultra-fine grinding of calcium carbonate powder after machining, it USES multiple expansion; Clirik mechanical experts of three roll mill to provide you with different fineness of calcium carbonate use:

      1.Within 1.200 mesh: can be used for all kinds of feed additive quantity reach more than 55.6 without harmful ingredients

      2.250 mesh to 300 mesh, used for plastics, rubber factory, paint, waterproof materials plant raw materials and exterior paint. Whiteness is more than 85 degrees.

      3.350 mesh to 400 mesh: used in the manufacture of gusset plate, water pipe, chemical industry. Whiteness is more than 93 degrees.

      4.400 mesh to 600 mesh: paste can be used in toothpaste, soap. Whiteness is more than 94 degrees

      5.800 mesh: used in rubber, plastic, cable, PVC white degree above 94 degrees

      6.1250: PVC, PE, paint, coating products, paper coating, paper surface coating, white degree above 95 degrees. High purity, high whiteness, non-toxic, odourless, low oil, low hardness

      Shanghai Clirik machinery Co., Ltd., followed by national policy, has for years been adhere to independent innovation, in the three roll mill r&d obvious achievements, industrial mill, three-ring medium ultrafine pulverizer and HGM series mill in chemical industry, building materials, rubber, glass, etc can be widely applied.

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