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      Advantages of Clirik Grinding Mill in Titanium Dioxide

      From : clirik ?? Date : 2019-02-17 10:24

      As a white inorganic pigment with great market prospects, titanium dioxide has a wide range of applications. Coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking and other industries each have a large proportion of application. For the processing characteristics of titanium dioxide, it is preferred to use Clirik grinding mills. The HGM series of mills are produced as their milling equipment. With the continuous development of the market, all walks of life need to consider the following factors when choosing titanium dioxide:

      Titanium dioxide is called "the king of white pigments", and the color index of titanium dioxide is whiteness. Even titanium dioxide of the same chemical composition will produce color differences due to different process routes, raw materials, equipment, and technical levels;
      In addition to the chemical composition and crystal form, the main reason for determining the hiding power of titanium dioxide is related to the particle shape, particle size and particle size distribution of titanium dioxide. The optical nature of the hiding power is caused by the difference in refractive index between the pigment and the medium surrounding it.
      For white pigments, the lighter the color of the mixture after mixing with a dark pigment, the stronger its tinting strength (achromatic power). Therefore, the tinting strength is an important characteristic index of titanium dioxide;
      The oil absorption is related to the filling state of titanium dioxide in the toner, and can explain its dispersion in the medium. Therefore, it is also one of the important pigment properties of titanium dioxide;

      The chemical composition of titanium dioxide determines the chemical properties of titanium dioxide. It is the main indicator of the difference between pigments. It not only reflects the pigment properties of pigments, such as whiteness, achromatic power, oil absorption, etc. The performance is also very important, such as weather resistance, dispersion and the like.
      It is meaningless to refer to its light resistance and weather resistance alone. This indicator is meaningful only after the application of titanium dioxide to related applications (such as automotive paints, profiles, etc.). Therefore, the light fastness and weather resistance of titanium dioxide refers to its light resistance and weather resistance in a certain field;
      The gloss of titanium dioxide is an important indicator to measure the application performance of titanium dioxide. Usually, titanium dioxide has no luster, and its gloss alone has no meaning. Sub-factors are of great significance when applied to relevant fields;
      The level of volatiles in titanium dioxide cannot determine the pros and cons of the product, depending on the application system. In general, the fluctuation of the volatile content of the aqueous system has little effect on the application, but for oily systems and polyolefin systems, the lower the volatile content, the better, because the high volatile content will affect its dispersion performance and products in the system. quality.
      The quality of dispersibility not only affects the color reduction, hiding power, oil absorption and other indicators of titanium dioxide pigment, but also affects the gloss and weather resistance of coating film formation or profile molding. Therefore, this factor has also become an important indicator of titanium dioxide.
      The equipment is a new and technologically advanced equipment. Its technical indicators have greatly improved the mills. It not only abandons the grinding defects of ordinary mills, but also introduces advanced technologies at home and abroad, according to market development trends. And developed a very cost-effective milling equipment.
      The titanium dioxide powder grinding machine is mainly composed of a main machine, a classifier, a blower, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, a storage hopper, a pipe system, an electric control cabinet, etc., wherein the classifier adopts a forced turbine classification technology, and the classification accuracy and efficiency are higher, ensuring The stability of the product qualification rate; the shock-absorbing bearing is made of special rubber and wear-resistant materials, which not only effectively isolates the vibration generated by the operation of the equipment, but also prolongs the service life of the machine and ensures the continuity of production.
      Clirik Mill in Titanium Dioxide

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