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      Our Engineer Came Back from Egypt Calcite Roll Mill Work Sit

      From : clirik ?? Date : 2014-09-09 10:22

          Our Engineers Came Back from Egypt Calcite Roll Mill Work Site. It is good news to the whole Clirik company because this indicates the complishment of the new after-sales service task. ''It is a tiring but pleasant trip.'' Said engineer Liu after working in Egypt for two days of installing the new machine for the clients.This trip is  truely meaningful as usual, which means the recognization and acception of the machines produced by Clirik once more.

           "We really hope to stay in Egypt for more time because people there were so friendly and helpful, we wish to cooperate with people there again " Said the our engineer, "Meanwhile, I am very proud of the Calcite Roll Mill produced by out company Clirik for its excellent performance and reasonable price, which completely won the heart of our dear customers." This is what be feeling of our engineer.
       Calcite Roll Mill
            To be honest, the roll mill produced by Clirik truly has the features of high finess, long lifecycle of spare parts, high safety and reliability, environment-friendly and advanced intelligent speed control device, what's more, the most crucial point is its high fineness and flexible adjustment. These merits makes the Calcite Roll Mill pretty popular in Egyt market and taking the use of Clirik roller grinding machine becomes a well-known secret in the stone and ore powder producing area.

            Therefore, high quality and low price make the Calcite Roll Mill  a successful machine in fine powder processing. 

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